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120 Pacific Highway, Greenwich office building

Accessible Facilities:

FC Construction's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility is evident in the incorporation of disability facilities within 120 Pacific Highway. These enhancements ensure that individuals of all abilities can seamlessly access and navigate the premises. Key accessible features include:

  1. Wheelchair Ramps and Elevator Access: The building's entrance is equipped with wheelchair ramps, and an elevator provides easy access to all floors, enabling people with mobility challenges to move freely throughout the building.

  2. Accessible Restrooms: Thoughtfully designed accessible restrooms are available on each floor, promoting convenience and comfort for everyone.

  3. Wayfinding and Signage: Clear and intuitive wayfinding signage ensures that individuals can easily identify accessible routes and amenities within the building.

FC Construction's expertise has truly elevated the functionality and aesthetics of 120 Pacific Highway, Greenwich, making it a standout location for businesses seeking a modern and accessible workspace. Whether it's the inviting office spaces or the inclusive facilities, every aspect of the fit-out reflects our commitment to excellence and innovation.

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